How to handle a people who constantly demotivate you?

Demotivate people

when you try to figure out something to do and you share an idea with other follower . You will get an answer that you can’t do this ,this is impractical, you can’t handle

Just ask them one reason . Why 90% of people can’t able to answer you and remaining 10% of people will give you an answer. Why you can’t do it . Just listen to them carefully and find out the solution may be they are more experience then you . But don’t give up on your dream’s. Don’t listen to a people that are already failure. The want you also to fail. you should take a advice. But the question is what will be good advice for you future is not related to them. It is related to you always so stay focus on your goal. Take a good decision for your life.

Be confidence be sure and take a first step to implement. The rest of the step will be done automatic. No one change the value of your life take an example of 100 $. If you crash it, dump it or ruined with your feet it will not loosing its value. It will same as 100$ . So no one can change the value of yours.

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demotivate people will never help you in your bad times

If your plan fail then change the plan not a goal. for more motivational speech

How to make Business and Finance Decisions

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We will try to understand how to make Business and finance decisions. Business and finance are common term ,but they are not always used appropriately. So we will understand how to take a proper decision on right time.

What is Business Analysis

Business Analysis is ability to understand building a blocks of how a business make a money


Finance analysis is an understanding of what finance data means and how to act on it

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