How to Start an Air-Conditioner Repair Shop Business

 Interested in startup for air conditioners and fridge repairing business then let’s go to the review for AirConditioner Repair Business.

As you know now a days Air conditional and fridge become a part of a commercial and residential kitchen. its important need of a kitchen and in India its capturing a market and having good opportunity in Indian market Air conditioners have evolved from a luxury commodity to a necessity nowadays. As the demand for air conditioners continues to grow, so is the need for accessible and reliable AirConditioner repair Business.

Here is a 8 step for air conditioner repair Business that will help you realize you dreams of owning your own business today.

1 Make a business plan with business model canvas AirConditioner Repair Business

Making business plan is very important so you have an idea. So, you can share with your team and achieve result. It will also help you to find out the loophole in your business and you can find out the solution. Business run from good ideas and plan

2 Capital requires startup cost

Money is a blood of a business so if you want to start a business then make at least 3 months aback up for your business. Purchase hardware tools which will be requires in business Almost 20 k investment in India for tools better to investment in new equipment’s

3. Choose an ideal location

Location is one of the most important features for a repair business shop or business to give fruitful results. You need a location that can attract new customers and give them easy access. Your repairing service center should be located in such a place where it is easily reachable to both residential and commercial clients

4 Obtain required licenses

You should acquire all the licenses and permits that are necessary to run a repairing business. These are controlled by the city and state level authorities. Having such licenses will add credibility and stability to the business.

5 Marketing or Advertisement

marketing or advertising the air conditioner repair shop business. This can be done by simply printing out business cards or flyers and distributing them to business establishments or residential areas, depending on which target market you want to focus on.

6 Key partners

Make a partnership with another services provider in your area like TV or mobile services man it will help you to generate more customer. Make a good contact with Shop owner or dealer so they can provide your number to the client to whom they sold the machine.

7 Customer

Identify your perfect customer for your services to do a business. So, It will be more easy if you will do some research in market for your services try to understand customer. Because It will help to your business and customer, with new innovation of services.

8 Determine the Area of Operations

Find out the area of opportunities that you can improve your services. So you can generate recurring model to make customer come back to you only to take a services. Take a feedback from customer. Make a survey form, provide warranty.

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The Pros and Cons of Starting a Air-Conditioner Repair Business

                          Pros:  Cons:  
No time limit no schedule  Lack of expertise due to small scale business  
Door step services for customer  To many competitor  
High margin profit  Needs investment in having different services machines
Longer equipment (tools life)  High cost of travelling