How to write best & professional CV?

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I think you got your job destination let check now how to write best & professional CV to win the job.

What is CV?

CV is a curriculum vitae. It is a Latin word which means courses of life. Detail of experience about life experience of life in short briefing and learning from huddles .CV is also known as a resume. CV should be short and simple to understand to recruiter. Know lets check How to write best or professional CV?

What Steps is use for writing CV?

  • What research should be done when you start writing a CV?
  • How to structure your CV for best impression to recruiter and hiring managers?
  • How to format your CV for personal outlook?
  • How to write a profile that will grab recruiter’s attention?
  • How to detail your work experience and educations?
  • And if and how include your hobbies and interest

Step 1: Research

Find out what skill and Knowledge the potential employer is looking for. Take a note on candidate requirement of employer make a list.

Focus on hard skill

  • Industry specific skills (Knowing how to do standard stuff in an organization, usually can be found in the staff handbook. Such as the data protection act, how to save files, backup files and using the computer misuse act. So, the company does not end up being in trouble or you lose all your work and they have been paying you for the equivalent to nothing.) Focus on objective What is Career Objective in your resume?
  • IT system knowledge (Software skills should include your ability to learn new computer systems in a short period of time plus your previous experience. For example, if you have worked with 3-time management systems, obviously you can learn a 4th system in almost zero time.)
  • Language (Start at the top with the language you are most proficient, List languages with your level of proficiency using one language framework)
  • Qualification (A qualifications summary section of a resume also known as a “Qualifications Profile” is an optional customized section at the beginning of the resume that lists key achievements, skills, experience, and your qualifications that are most relevant to the position for which you are applying)

Don’t use more of your soft skill (Example Communication ,team work, problem solving) it’s applicable on most of a job so need to focus on hard skill’s ones you find out the in demand skills and knowledge of larges jobs you know exactly where to focus your C.V around . This preparation makes your target easier.

Step 2 Structure and formatting your C.V

  • It Will define over of out look and determine how the document will be review. How C.V will be look like professional and should be is for recruiter to find the information which they need. The global recognized programs are word press or google doc. Which usually used to make C.V. it is very easy to use.
  • Font and color keep format simple and crisp and clean that understand and read. The color scheme should also be basic not rainbow color.
  • Length there is no certain rule for C.V length. The 2-page story is also enough to explain your goal and achievement. Just think that in a whole day how much C.V that recruiter have to go through. So, try to keep in simple if you want their attention.
  • Heading is used for bold section and to divide your C.V. This will help recruiter to find out what they are looking for .

Basic C.V divided in to 6 parts

Part 1

Should be your contact details, Email ID, phone numbers and Name Avoid to write Address marital status.

Part 2

Personal statement it is a brief introductory paragraph summarized the ability and aims its take a attention of recruiter when the first C.V is open.

Part 3

A bullet points of skill which is relevant to your job a recruiter offering as a candidate.

Part 4

Work experience should be listed in a revers chronological order to show case your ability to apply in a work place. Work experience should be with key responsibility of your last jobs. With Key achievement and list of your project which you had done in your previous Jobs.

Part 5

Education should be listed to a bottom of Your C.V

Part 6

Hobbies and interest is an option section and can be added in the bottom of a C.V. If you think that they add any Value in to your applications.  

I assume now you know how to write best or professional CV?

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