Money making concept in business How to make money

In your business it is very important to learn how to make money lets see

Making Money Fundamental Concept And element of making money (profit)

  • Customer
  • Cash flow
  • Margin
  • Velocity
  • Return on assets
  • Growth

Customer (customer journey)

The customer are people, companies or other entities, which purchase goods and services produce by another person, company or other entity

Business people have to make close connection with their customers and strongly believe that their business cannot thrive without satisfying them. In addition business people understand that by building relationship with customer, satisfaction will accelerate sale and growth.

Cash flow

Cash flow is the difference between all the cash that flows in to the business and all the cash that flows out of the business in a given time period

A business person Have to Ask:

               Does the business generate enough cash?

               What are the sources of cash generation?

               How is cash being used?


Product sold (cash in) RS 100

Cost of product, supplies and taxes     Rs20

Total cash flow Rs 80


Margin is the net profit the company earns after paying expenses, interest payment and taxes.


Revenue (sale)   Rs 100

Expenses (cost of goods sold)  Rs 20

Labor(salary) Rs 30

Other expenses Rs 10

Occupancy & fees (taxes, insurance) Rs 30

Total Expenses  Rs 90

Margin  100 – 90 =10


Velocity is the speed at which product move through the business to the customer Demand And supply velocity is increase return is higher

Return on assets

Return on assets describe how much money is coming into a business from the use of assets. Efficient companies use fewer assets to generate higher margins.

For example if you are doing a business of small tea stall and if you want to expand your business while investing in big tea stall then you need to determine if the large tea stall would generate enough revenue to justify the cost


Growth occurs when both the sale top line and profit bottom line increase each year. In other words, business should be both profitable and sustainable

Growth should be accompanied by improved:



Cash generation

fundamentals of business growth is important to show a right path to your business .lets check How to use Business Model Canvas

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